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The Adam Sank Show

Jun 25, 2022

An update on Natalia, our favorite Ukrainian orphan! Plus, President Biden signs an executive order to support the queer community, and Rebel Wilson gets outed. Then, legendary comedian and actor Rick Crom joins us to talk about his role in Sarah Silverman's hit musical, "The Bedwetter." Don't get pissed off.


Jun 21, 2022

For the first time ever, DNR Studios hosts – including Adam Sank, Romaine Pattterson, Jaimie Kelton, Jonathan Valdez, Dennis Hensley and others  – join forces to play a few virtual rounds of of Dennis's "You Don't Know My Life!" game. Hilarity ensues.


Jun 18, 2022

ASS favorite Drew Droege joins us to discuss messy white gays... and bringing back his hit one-man show "Happy, Birthday Doug." But first, Canada decriminalizes party drugs, and Tushy Toilet lets you know when it's safe to eat ASS in your state. Keep it clean, boys.


Jun 11, 2022

This week, it's "Men Behaving Badly" – as Kevin Spacey faces sex crimes charges, Ricky Gervais releases a hideously transphobic special and Jussie Smollett attempts a comeback. Then master impressionist Rachel Butera wows us with her Whoopi, her Jane and even her Sandra Bernhard. Wow, sweetie.


Jun 4, 2022

Adam, Steve and J.B. discuss the unwelcome new trend of women doing poppers, a gay rights pioneer we should all know about and the impending end of the world. Then bestselling author Suzanne Simonetti drops by to tell us about writing "The Sound of Wings." Flap flap.