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The Adam Sank Show

Oct 29, 2022

Adam catches up with his old grad school mentor, acclaimed author, podcaster and LGBTQ historian Eric Marcus. But first, Todrick Hall is still trash, and is it OK to dress as zombie Queen Elizabeth for Halloween? One is not amused. 


Oct 24, 2022

Surprise! Adam and Steve took over Derek & Romaine's show for one night only, and what followed was one of the most bizarre hours in podcast history. This episode has everything: Patti LuPone quitting Broadway, Steve getting in touch with his inner rage, Adam yelling at J.B. about the constant audio problems, bitchy...

Oct 22, 2022

Angela Lansbury leaves behind a legacy of AIDS activism, Christian Walker turns on his father, and Steve gets shaded by a listener. Then podcaster Kevin Gootee stops by to talk classic movies and cancel culture... and gets hit on by J.B. Oh, behave!


Oct 15, 2022

Everybody's favorite chubby chorizo, Steve Chazaro, takes the wheel and looks back at his favorite episodes for this supersized special! Featuring classic interviews with Bianca Del Rio, Dolf Dietrich, Honey Davenport, Marty Thomas, Ben Unger and Ryan Frostig. Strap yourselves in!


Oct 8, 2022

We kick things off with a discussion of Adam Levine and bad sexting (as if there is such a thing). Then, Tommy Lee and Tyra Sanchez both launch OnlyFans pages – but will anyone subscribe? Finally, adult video star Eddie Danger drops in to tells us about his park ranger duties at Camp Wannakiki. Lock the doors...