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The Adam Sank Show

Nov 28, 2020

The ASS welcomes a legend as Felipe Rose, founding member of the Village People, makes his debut on the show... chatting candidly about everything from experiencing overnight success to acting in the 1980 camp-fest "Can't Stop the Music" to why his penis is named "Rex." It's a can't-miss episode.


Nov 21, 2020

In this first post-election episode, Adam, Ryan and JayBee discuss their fragile mental state... as well as all the LGBTQ victories across the nation. Then hunky actor-singer-OG Queer Eye Guy Jai Rodriguez joins the ASS to reveal his downstairs grooming habits... and as well as reminisce about some career...

Nov 14, 2020

Adam kicks things off with some VERY enlightening statistics about where our listeners live... including the one U.S. state where we have none! Then we move on to the top 10 most searched naked men on the Internet. And finally, outrageous comedian Christy Miller cracks us up. Tip your waitresses.


Nov 7, 2020

It's Halloween and the last show before Election Day, so Adam, Ryan and JayBee are SPOOKED! But they soldier on, discussing Jeffrey Toobin's Zoom masturbation scene and the Pope's views on same-sex civil unions. Then, Michael Alvear, author of "How to Bottom Like a Porn Star," tries his best to make us all...