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The Adam Sank Show

Apr 30, 2022

One of our most outrageous and uproarious eps yet, as BateWorld's "Milking Coach" gives us handy tips for pleasing one's bull. But first, the story of a guy who got a 4-lb weight stuck up his butt. Can you spot me?


Apr 23, 2022

The Gay Pimp is in the house! LGBTQ icon Jonny McGovern talks gogo boys, Big Gay Sketch Show and big endowments (i.e his own). But first, a gay porn star insurrectionist gets arrested, and a Southwest Passenger has a party in his pants. Buckle up.


Apr 16, 2022

We revisit Scott Lowell's 2017 first appearance (now digitally remastered), in which he reveals behind-the-scenes secrets from Queer as Folk. Plus, a tribute to the late, great A.D.D. Jeff. R.I.P.


Apr 9, 2022

Adam goes head-to-head with NYC drag star Pixie Aventura – who tells us why she'll never do RuPaul's Drag Race. But first, everyone's hitting on Ben Unger, Kevin Spacey's still in deep doo-doo, and an abandoned gay dog finds a new home. Woof.


Apr 2, 2022

Who has it easier – tops or bottoms? This question leads us into what may be the raunchiest and most graphic A.S.S. discussion ever! Then, Time Out NY Theater Critic Adam Feldman classes things up with his list of the worst musicals of the 21st Century. Encore!