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The Adam Sank Show

Aug 22, 2022

One of American Idol's most iconic and controversial finalists, Sanjaya Malakar, speaks exclusively to the Adam Sank Show about being bisexual, surviving Simon Cowell's brutal critiques... and exactly who was responsible for the infamous "ponyhawk" hairstyle. Note: This episode is being released to non-subscribers five...

Aug 20, 2022

It's a candid and revealing interview with adult video star, Daddy Cream, a.k.a. Jovon Joseph! He opens up about his tumultuous adolescence, his baby mama drama and his Dr. Seuss tattoo. Then he talks dirty to J.B., rendering him nearly speechless. Yes, Daddy.


Aug 13, 2022

Lesbian extraordinaire Joanne Filan is back as co-host, as we speak to actor and RuPaul's Drag Race alum Kelly Mantle about growing up in Oklahoma... and having Micky Mantle as an uncle. But first, a GOP lawmaker attends his son's gay wedding three days after voting against it, and Prince William likes pegging – in...

Aug 6, 2022

Adam discusses his recovery from a non-Monkeypox plague, and gays go ga-ga over the Clark Kent lookalike at the Jan. 6th hearings. Then Tye Blue, director and co-creator of the musical spoof "Titanique," tells Adam and guest co-host Joanne Filan how it all came together... and how Celine Dion feels about it....