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The Adam Sank Show

Sep 19, 2020

Adam and guest co-host Tarik Daniels discuss gay incels, a woman found alive inside a coffin and which Hollywood hunk has done the most nude scenes. Then culinary cutey Joey Skladany joins the show to talk about his new comfort food cookbook, "Basic Bitchen." Bon appetit, bitches. 


Sep 12, 2020

The Adam Sank Show books our first ever overseas guest! And then fails spectacularly at actually connecting with him via telephone. (Sorry, Finn.) So Adam, JayBee and guest co-host Tarik Daniels fill time with sordid sex tales. Plus, the Falwell Pool Boy scandal explodes! Splish splash, bish.


Sep 5, 2020

World's greatest Donald Trump impersonator J-L Cauvin returns to #ASS for the first time since going viral... and tells us why Sarah Cooper's fans are gunning for him. But first, did Ellen really shame Sofia Vergara for her accent? ¬°Ay, caramba!


Aug 29, 2020

Guest co-host Damian K. fills in for Ryan, and Hunky renaissance man Greg Scarnici makes it an #ASS hat trick with his third appearance, promoting his new 70s porn parody mag,"Hot Rods." But first, Randy Rainbow gets blasted for ugly tweets from the past, and Cher wants to work at the post office. I'm your mailman,...

Aug 22, 2020

This wild episode of the ASS includes JayBee's shaming at the hands of an exterminator, the realness of bisexual guys, and the story of a man who lost his dick and got a new one rebuilt... ON HIS ARM! Then actor-comedian Jason Stuart phones in to tell us all about his funny new Amazon and YouTube series, "Smothered."...