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The Adam Sank Show

Apr 16, 2022

We revisit Scott Lowell's 2017 first appearance (now digitally remastered), in which he reveals behind-the-scenes secrets from Queer as Folk. Plus, a tribute to the late, great A.D.D. Jeff. R.I.P.


Apr 9, 2022

Adam goes head-to-head with NYC drag star Pixie Aventura – who tells us why she'll never do RuPaul's Drag Race. But first, everyone's hitting on Ben Unger, Kevin Spacey's still in deep doo-doo, and an abandoned gay dog finds a new home. Woof.


Jan 29, 2022

The Atlantis gay cruise sets sail... and is widely attacked as a super-spreader (in more ways than one). Ted Cruz's daughter identifies as bi, and Viagra may fend off Alzehimer's. Then we welcome comedian Jay Black for a discussion about why so many comedians go MAGA. Is this thing on?

Mar 30, 2019

Everyone's second-favorite lesbian, comedian Joanne Filan, co-hosts, and we welcome Broadway queen Ken Kleiber of "That's Kentertainment," who gives us a rundown of the coming Broadway season.


Feb 24, 2019

It's Adam's birthday show! With Ryan Frostig co-hosting, quadriplegic porn star Kenneth Connin, and a host of surprise phone calls, including one from Glenn Scarpelli and Mackenzie Phillips!