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The Adam Sank Show

Dec 26, 2020

It's holiday time again, and even though the pandemic prevents us from having live musical performances this year, some of our favorite artists – including Daniel Reichard, Alex Ortega and Erika Amato – have submitted ASS-clusive renditions of holiday songs to get you feeling warm all over. Plus: Some surprise LGBTQ...

Dec 19, 2020

Still giddy from his interview with Rocco Steele the previous week, Adam tries to pull himself together to lead an important discussion about the various words gay men use to refer to their hole. Then hilarious comic and TV writer Justin Sayre phones in from L.A. and drops some surprising and welcome news about...

Dec 12, 2020

Legendary adult video star Rocco Steele grants the ASS a rare interview... and Adam is moist. Sweet, sexy Rocco discusses his former career in corporate America, his long-term sobriety and the fact that he once thought his dick was smaller than average. (What?!) You won't want to miss this big... BIG... episode.


Dec 5, 2020

Listeners often tell us that ASS Me No Questions is their favorite part of the show. So we've put together some of our favorite AMNQ segments of the past four years... including interviews with Bianca Del Rio, Michelle Buteau, Peter Paige, Honey Davenport, Alison Arngrim, Glenn Scarpelli and more! Thank you so much for...

Nov 28, 2020

The ASS welcomes a legend as Felipe Rose, founding member of the Village People, makes his debut on the show... chatting candidly about everything from experiencing overnight success to acting in the 1980 camp-fest "Can't Stop the Music" to why his penis is named "Rex." It's a can't-miss episode.