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The Adam Sank Show

Sep 24, 2022

One of our favorite and most boobalicious comedians, Irene Bremis, returns to discuss her crappy summer, her pale husband and how she copes living in Trumpy Staten Island. But first, Sanjaya wants to help LGBTQ youth, Peppa Pig introduces a lesbian polar bear couple, and Demi Lovato can't decide what she/they are....

Sep 17, 2022

Comedian and show favorite Kevin Israel returns to the A.S.S. studio for a candid and revealing chat about he and his wife's fertility challenges. But first, Adam fights with his family over Instagram, we discuss Queen Elizabeth's LGBTQ legacy and Frank Ocean is selling a $25K cock ring. Talk about family jewels!


Sep 10, 2022

A truly hilarious hour! First, the boys debate body grooming – and Adam shows Steve and J.B. his trimmed bush. Then, renowned comedian Emma Willmann drops by and reveals all – from her first lesbian experience to the first time she ever did stand-up. Is this thing on?  


Sep 3, 2022

The A.S.S. celebrates Sanjaya-Mania – and the remarkable media coverage of last week's episode. Meanwhile, monkepox takes a dive in NYC, but J.B. still isn't having any sex. And then Instagram superstars On Mekahel and his hubbie, Dave, join us to talk modeling, reality TV, Naomi Campbell... and Dave's experience...