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The Adam Sank Show

Jan 27, 2019

Comedian Joanne Filan returns as co-host, and we talk to openly trans film director AJ Mattioli. Plus, Adam interviews Chad Ryan about a terrifying stalking ordeal he and his husband have been dealing with for months.


Jan 20, 2019

Adam's sister Anna Sank Haselmann co-hosts, and they welcome singer-songwriter Anne Steele, co-host of the "I Love My Wife" podcast. Plus: Are top sheets necessary? And who do so many straight guys jerk off together? We investigate!


Jan 13, 2019

Funny lesbian Joanne Filan co-hosts, and we're joined by the "Mindless Chatter" guys, Brian Balthazar and Loren Ruch, for an in-depth discussion of Awards Season, Kevin Hart, and how the Oscars are going to be without a host. Plus, JayBee falls off his chair!


Jan 6, 2019

Ryan Frostig and Adam's sister, Anna Sank Haselmann, serve as co-hosts and welcome comedian Eitan Levine, co-creator of the musical porn parody "Hamiltoe." Topics include Kevin Hart on "Ellen," Gia Gunn on "All-Stars" and Darren Criss no longer taking gay roles.