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The Adam Sank Show

Jan 29, 2022

The Atlantis gay cruise sets sail... and is widely attacked as a super-spreader (in more ways than one). Ted Cruz's daughter identifies as bi, and Viagra may fend off Alzehimer's. Then we welcome comedian Jay Black for a discussion about why so many comedians go MAGA. Is this thing on?

Jan 22, 2022

Adam and Steve welcome hilarious and prolific comedian Giulia Rozzi, who talks relationships, life in L.A. and the time she pooped in a Tupperware. But first, we recount all the things people got stuck up their butts in 2021. Plus, does the world need neopronouns and xenopronouns right now? J.B. calls "F-ckery!"


Jan 15, 2022

Yes, after four filth-filled years co-hosting the podcast, Ryan Frostig announces his departure. We celebrate his illustrious tenure with a special "Best of Frostpig" segment and wish him well. Meanwhile, we warmly welcome new co-host Steve Chazaro. Plus, it's J.B.'s birthday, and Andy Cohen is still an a--hole....

Jan 8, 2022

Adam, J.B. and guest co-host Steve Chazaro look back on some of our favorite guests of 2021 – from porn stars Dolf Dietrich and Luke Truong to acclaimed actor Bryan Batt... not to mention musical theater star Daniel Reichard, choreographer Patrick McCollum, comedian Veronica Mosey and "American Idol" jingle-boy...

Jan 1, 2022

Christmastime is here! And that means our annual holiday special is back, with ASS-clusive musical performances from some of our favorite artists – So Brown, Adam Shenk, Patrick Bodd and Erika Amato! Plus, we count down the top 10 songs of 2021 (none of which we've ever heard) and play ASS Me No Questions with guest...