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The Adam Sank Show

Nov 30, 2019

In this lost episode (No. 16) from 2017, memory whiz Joey DeGrandis co-hosts, and we welcome hilarious comedians Joanne Filan and Irene Bremis for the very first time! Discussion topics include the Mad Pooper, the kid who got trapped in a cave and the virtues of cut vs. uncut cock. (Spoiler Alert: Adam strongly prefers...

Nov 23, 2019

The multi-talented Jeff Hiller drops by to yak about his new one-man show, "The Designing Women Monologues." Meanwhile, Adam accidentally ends the interview 11 minutes early. So he, Ryan, JayBee and Jeff fill time with a FILTHY and graphic discussion of their favorite dirty talk. Parental Guidance suggested,

Nov 16, 2019

On this classic #ASS, former child star Glenn Scarpelli makes his debut on the podcast, sharing funny and fascinating stories about growing up on one of America's classic sitcoms. Plus, Adam and ADD Jeff fight about Pride ("It's not a parade!"), and Adam tries to seduce a straight guy after a Philly comedy show....

Nov 9, 2019

With no guests in sight, Adam, Ryan and JayBee go butt-wild! Topics include toxic tales of Todrick Hall, Cher's charity, butthole sunning, R&B hottie Tank's defense of the gays and yet another update on Natalia, the orphan. (She even gets her own bumper!) You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you might even jerk off.

Nov 2, 2019

Broadway and cabaret star Marty Thomas returns to the #ASS to give us a sneak preview of his gorgeous new album, "Slow Dancing With a Boy." But first, Adam, Ryan and JayBee discuss whether it's OK for Ellen DeGeneres to be chummy with George W. Bush. (And JayBee utters the instantly classic line, "Hi, privilege. It's...