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The Adam Sank Show

Mar 28, 2020

So you say your favorite moments of the ASS are when Adam, Ryan and JayBee are just talking amongst themselves without any guests in studio? Well, then this is the episode for you! Enjoy this trip down memory lane with some of our biggest laugh-out-loud moments... from Natalia the orphan dwarf to the bra-wearing burglar...

Mar 21, 2020

Recorded before the Coronavirus pandemic ruined everything, Adam and Ryan welcome singing comedian (or is it comedic singer?) Philip Markle, who wows the boys with a rather excellent improvised song! But first, Miss Staten Island comes out as bisexual, and health authorities urge people to stop putting potatoes up their...

Mar 15, 2020

As the Coronapocalypse continues, Ryan stops by Adam's apartment for a rare visit, and the two pigs clumsily record a quickie. Things devolve quickly after Adam does an on-air bong hit, has a major choking attack, and returns to the airwaves high AF. Will the listeners find any of this entertaining? We'll see


Mar 14, 2020

Funny gay comedian Zach Zimmerman returns to the ASS and makes a shocking confession: he hasn't gotten laid in six months! But first, Adam squares off against newly-out but still-vile former Congressman Aaron Schock. And Ryan takes a deep dive into the shocking Sherry Pie catfishing scandal. Sashay away.


Mar 13, 2020

On Adam's first day home alone since the Coronavirus sh-t really hit the fan, he records a special 30-minute, instantly-available podcast... which may be the first of many... for his beloved listeners. So smoke up, wash your hands, sit back, wash your hands again, and enjoy this ASS.