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The Adam Sank Show

Feb 26, 2022

Adam turns 51, and shigellosis cases among gay men are on the rise. (Coincidence?) Plus, Ram Ranch cowboys dominate Canadian truckers, and Byron Jamal, aka the Love Guru, tells us how to heal a hoe. Is there a doctor in the house? 


Feb 19, 2022

After we get ghosted by a former "America's Next Top Model" contestant, twinkster comedian Drew Lausch jumps in as guest for what may be our funniest episode ever! Plus, to circumcise or not to circumcise? Peen there, done that.


Feb 12, 2022

The ASS welcomes our first ever Olympian – four-time bronze medal-winning equestrian Robert Dover – who tells us about his long career in dressage. But first, Whoopi apologizes, and Joe Rogan doesn't. Pass the horse dewormer.


Feb 5, 2022

A super-sized episode! After some technical delays, drag icon Peppermint joins us for the second time to talk trans representation, love, music and dick pics. Butt first, Adam, Steve and J.B. discuss the pros and cons of load-taking. Basement flooded.